Sunday, November 26, 2006

Casino Royale & love

Its truly the best Bond film ever. And of course a sensitive Bond and a brilliant intellect in a girl's body as Vesper goes a long way to make it that apart from the extra-terestrial action sequences at Madasgacar.

Besides. It has a wonderful new take on romance. I wish I had been able to keep it all under control when I was in love, like he does here. I would have WON IN LOVE ! Hands/pants down. But then theres nothing like surrendering to love. Completely. You lose the game, though. Because the no woman you love is a poet/artist, and she expects you to be a man not a Devdas. But what you gain is the EXPERIENCE, which you can never have if you havent surrendered. Just as Kahlil GIbran says.

Secondly, both the protagonists are aware that they are going to make love and its out there in the open in their conversation ! For me its always been the language of touch.



bloggerhead said...

Thats an interesting comment on CR but i came away from the film disappointed. I would have liked my Bond not to have been a mush in love. This despite me saying, men should learn to love and live a little. And by the way thanks for the advice on life/ love. Coming from a veteran i see. I enjoy the randomness of the confusion in my life. It defines who i am. At least in parts. Its only when we cross the halfway mark that i need to come up for breath

Floating Dreams said...

Re crossing the halfway mark. I dint like it when it came. You know when you've gotten old ? The day you wish you were younger. The halfway mark. Its not too pleasant a place. I mean, I want to be young again. I want to meet these beautiful creatures who are not afraid to reach full expression of their lives. But no. I like it the way it is. Without hormonal pressures. Not having to react to signals a lady is sending you. I like it.