Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Take the morning for a walk


Take the morning for a walk
for before you know he will grow into a scrambled young man
whose streets evaporate into diesel choked chaos of honking tin buses
sullen taxis and abusive autos
who now own the city roads

Streets that find themselves at dusk
on a bridge overlooking a drain that was once a river
seeking the shot of life from garish masks
that were giggling, school girls
once upon a time

Or in dark, smoky, blind lanes in slums
to seek respite in opiates
with shadows who become friends


Or hold her hand and make her sit on your balcony
(fragrant with jasmines she had planted twenty years ago)
overlooking the waking street of your friend the crow
perched on the skeleton of your childhood
headless streetlamps.

Wrap her fragile, sleepless body with all your love,
reply to each question five times
she had such unfathomable patience
for a helpless you in an unrecallable past

Take the morning out for a walk
for, despite the greedy dwarves all around you
that pour filth on the day, all day and night
browbeating, tricking, the trusting true
for half understood, elusive, unsatisfying goals,
Maybe it will lead you to a golden afternoon
with butterfly girls
and happy tired sleep with
dreams of marbles and tops.

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